The Future of Senior Engineering Jobs in Cumbria

Cumbria has a strong heritage in the nuclear sector, and it is a major part of the overall energy sector in the UK. However, over the next decade it is estimated that we will face a shortfall in the number of graduates coming into the industry. In the future this could have a detrimental effect on the number of people applying for senior engineering jobs in Cumbria within the nuclear industry.

The UK government is committed to creating a strong and competitive nuclear industry. They have plans to generate 100,000 jobs within the industry. Currently, construction is under way on more than 40 new reactors, with over 100 also in the planning stage and proposals in place for more than 260 in the future.

Skills Shortage
However, even with this commitment and financial investment, we still need more recruits coming in to maintain the skills base within the industry. At the moment there are only around 40,000 graduate engineers qualifying each year and joining the workforce. 13% of students graduate in an engineering, science, technology or maths field. Estimates, though, say that we require 25% of students to graduate with a relevant qualification in order to meet the expected future demand. In Cumbria alone around 50% of the current nuclear workforce is due to retire by 2025.

This lack of graduates coming into the industry will mean that between now and 2025 we are set to face a critical shortage of skills. The nuclear industry is crucial for the country to function properly, and it is responsible for a large portion of the energy supply.

How Can We Meet This Demand?
Businesses are doing their part in growing the number of senior engineering jobs in Cumbria, but we still need recruits to study the relevant qualifications. It’s important to attract and engage with pupils in schools. Companies then need to ensure that their training programmes are in place to develop and retain people in the industry. This will help the industry and ensure there is a strong engineering sector in Cumbria for the future.

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