Projects ‘highlight fibre optic cable broadband demand’

Despite recent research suggesting broadband customers are more concerned about connection reliability rather than speed, two recent developments seem to show that people are still keen on receiving super-fast services through fibre optic cable broadband.

The first is news that Dorset County Council wants local businesses to back a new scheme involving technology that will be provided in the region to sailing venues being used as part of the London 2012 Olympics. It is hoped that the fibre optic services will be maintained after the sporting event has finished, allowing businesses to get access to high-speed internet services.

In addition, councillors in Cumbria are campaigning for the area to be involved in a trial of fibre optic broadband services in the north-west of England. According to the North West Evening Mail, the local regional development agency wants to run two projects involving next generation networks in the area.

Marie Fallon, the county council’s environment director, said that if Cumbria is not involved, it is likely to be “excluded” from any future fibre optic cable broadband projects. Cumbria does not want to be left behind in terms of technology, and also sees the opportunity to bring more employment to the area. A project such as this will take time to install, and will call upon those who can undertake mechanical engineering jobs and design engineering jobs.

All in all, the two news reports highlight that, despite many consumers wanting the safety of resilient and secure connections, demand for super-fast broadband remains strong.

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