How to Secure Structural Engineering Jobs in Cumbria

Structural engineering is a fulfilling career to specialise in, and it is an ideal way to utilise the skills you have learnt in maths, science and technical courses. Whether you’re still at school, looking at which university course to follow or considering a career move, what are the best ways to secure the right structural engineering jobs in Cumbria for you?

Demand for Engineers
It might not always be seen as a cool job, but engineers are in high demand. A report released by Engineering UK highlighted that we will have 257,200 more engineering vacancies by 2022. However, with a 15% drop forecast in the number of 18-year-olds in the population by 2020, there could be a critical shortage of people to fill these, including vacancies for structural engineering jobs in Cumbria, if more people don’t choose engineering to study.

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Getting Experience
For pupils who are still studying towards their GCSEs, A Levels or a university degree, this is the ideal time to develop your interest in all aspects of engineering. This way you’ll take the most appropriate route to enable you to build up your knowledge and skills and end up securing one of the best positions available.

In order to get a better understanding of the industry and to show your eagerness to learn, it’s beneficial to undertake some work experience. This could be during the holidays or integrated into your course. There may also be opportunities for this to turn into a permanent role once you’ve completed your studies.

Choosing a Course
If you’re serious about an engineering position, then it’s important to choose the right course to further your career. A civil engineering degree will set you up with the right skills and give you a great insight into the industry. It will also open up possibilities for work experience and introduce you to individuals that may be of benefit further on in your career.

As a structural engineer you’ll become involved in a range of exciting projects. With the necessary skills and knowledge, you can create a long-term and rewarding career that you continue to enjoy every day.

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