Healthy Future for Civil Engineering Jobs in Cumbria

The future of civil engineering jobs in Cumbria looks healthy as more companies announce contract wins and large-scale engineering projects move a step closer to starting. There is a strong civil engineering heritage in Cumbria, and this skills base means that many companies are looking to recruit from within the local area.

Local Company Has Big Win
One of the Cumbria-based businesses that has had a successful time recently is Westlakes Engineering Ltd. Last month they secured the biggest contract win in their history. The work will see them collaborate with M+W Group on the development of a new above-ground nuclear waste facility at the Sellafield site in West Cumbria.

The team from Westlakes will be responsible for the civil structural design engineering components. The new contract is a huge win for the team and is twice as big as any other account they’ve won. The contract will be a major part of their work in the next year. The company is now in the top 10 of UK civil/structural engineers.

This is an important announcement for civil engineering jobs in Cumbria, as it means that more positions will be secure, and with the work staying in the region it helps to develop the skills and experience of local people.

Nuclear Project Moves Closer
The news from Westlakes follows the announcement in July that plans for a new nuclear power station to be constructed in Cumbria are now a step closer to being finalised. A deal has been confirmed between NuGen and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to purchase the site to the north-west of the current complex at Sellafield.


In total, three nuclear reactors will be built on the site, with the first one expected to be completed by 2024. The confirmation that the site is suitable for nuclear power will support the local engineering sector. The work to build the reactors will be a large-scale infrastructure project that will create hundreds of jobs, including civil engineering jobs in Cumbria. It will help to establish more economic security and show the area as an important element of the nuclear industry.

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