Gas discovery could create engineering jobs in Cumbria

Centrica has discovered a new natural gas field off the coast of Cumbria – a development which is likely to lead to the creation of new mechanical engineering jobs. The energy giant found the gas during offshore test drilling activities 15 miles from Barrow.

It is the third natural gas discovery in the area in the past five months and Stuart Klosinski of Furness Enterprise is confident the development will provide a further boost to the local economy and create mechanical engineering jobs.

“Gas exploration and discovery is a crucial part of the energy coast programme,” he said. “This new discovery paves the way for 30 years of success to extend into another decade.”

Developments in the energy industry are likely to lead to the creation of thousands of construction and engineering jobs in Cumbria in the coming years. ScottishPower Renewables is planning to build a 500MW offshore wind farm close to Barrow, while three new nuclear power stations are likely to be located in Cumbria.

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