Engineering in Cumbria to Support Road Improvements

£1.5 million is to be invested into two studies that will look at new transport projects to tackle problems on road networks across the north of England. This work could help to alleviate congestion on busy stretches of road and could provide a boost to engineering in Cumbria.

Highways England will work with partners to look at what options are available to relieve the issues on two major routes covering large areas of the North. The studies will assess what improvements can be made to the M62 and M60 from Trafford to Bury and the links from the A1(M) in the North East to the M6 in Cumbria.

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The work is being carried out as part of the Road Investment Strategy (RIS) initiated by the government. Transport for the North and the Department for Transport have commissioned the studies, which are designed to tackle some of the most contentious road issues in the country.

The RIS will have seven studies in total, with three of them connected to the Northern Powerhouse. The third northern study was announced back in July, and this will look at the potential to construct a trans-Pennine tunnel.

Creation of a Northern Powerhouse
The development of a Northern Powerhouse will support economic growth within the north of England, including helping the development of engineering in Cumbria. It will enable this region to compete better with other parts of the country, including London.

The government is investing £13 billion in the North’s transport infrastructure as part of this work, providing more opportunities and jobs for people in these communities. Before next year’s budget, the Chancellor will announce a revised Northern Transport Strategy to help deliver their future vision for the region.

The three studies are expected to be finished by the end of next year. If the work is given the go-ahead, this could have a significant impact on those employed within engineering in Cumbria, increasing the number of jobs and providing a secure future.

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