Can you help plug the engineering knowledge gap in Cumbria?

The three main engineering employers in the Furness area; BAE Systems, Glaxo Smith Kline and Sellafield have all suffered from the same engineering skill shortfall over the past 10 years. Due to a steep decline in the numbers employed by our three big engineer employers, there has been a significant loss of specific engineering knowledge throughout the Furness area.

Our older generation of mechanical and electrical engineering experts have been forced into later and later retirement, due to the recruitment of specialised engineers in the local area becoming more difficult due to a wrongly perceived lack of opportunity. So, are you in the prime of life, skilled and looking for work, there are opportunities to be had through both Glaxo Smith Kline and Sellafield jobs.

Combined with this is the emergence of a new requirement for specialised engineers in the way of Nuclear and other previously undermined areas. The older generation are unable to fulfil this recruitment gap and the younger generation are proving costly to recruit and train in such specialist fields of engineering.

It is the job of Recruitment Cumbria, as a specialist engineering recruitment agency to address this knowledge gap and provide a middle ground of adequately trained and capable engineers to fill in this widening gap, as well as maintaining levels of recruitment in already established fields.

Engineering recruitment opportunities are on the up in the Furness area, with a need to recruit for Nuclear engineers, Mechanical engineers as well as Electrical engineers. If you are a skilled engineer in the Cumbria area, or looking to relocate, there are BAE and Sellafield jobs available constantly. 

At Recruitment Cumbria we have made it one of our many targets to bring fresh and innovative engineering knowledge into the locality through the successful advertisement of a wide variety of engineering recruitment opportunities and the facilitated employment of specialised engineers into these positions.

The engineering knowledge gap within Cumbria is becoming more and more apparent through the loss of specialist knowledge and the need for consultancy within engineering companies. If this gap can be closed through the successful employment of engineers within Cumbria, we will soon see a rich pool of knowledge with which we can inspire the younger generation to undertake a career in engineering. If you are looking for engineering jobs in Cumbria, look no further than Recruitment Cumbria.

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