Can Social Media Boost Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Cumbria?

Social media has been used to highlight the diversity of the engineering sector, both in terms of the range of jobs available and the type of people that work in the industry. Could this campaign help to increase the number of people that are searching for mechanical engineering jobs in Cumbria and across the country?

The hashtag campaign took off a few months ago, following the use of a San Francisco recruitment poster designed by a security software company. It used a female engineer who worked at the company, which led to some questioning whether she actually worked there and why they used a good-looking employee.

The employee herself took to social media to confirm she was an engineer and used the hashtag #ilooklikeanengineer. From this one post the campaign took off, and the hashtag has now been used many times by both companies and individuals to point out how wide the engineering sector really is. There are reports that it was used 91,000 times in just one week.

How could this social media trend support those looking to fill mechanical engineering jobs in Cumbria? The industry has long suffered from a negative image, which has resulted in a lack of skilled people coming into the industry. This is particularly detrimental to young females, who do not feel that the sector is for them. One of the areas where recruitment could be easily boosted is by enticing more of these women into the profession.


Social media campaigns, such as the #ilooklikeanengineer trend, give an insight into the lives of real people who work in the industry rather than just generic images or scripted copy. It highlights that the work isn’t all male-dominated and doesn’t require the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE).

By developing a clearer picture of the engineering sector, we can begin to attract people in schools and colleges and encourage them to look into a career in the industry. Social media is the way that many people view and interact with the world, so it’s an ideal medium for talking to the next generation.

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