Are you an engineer looking for work, Sellafield jobs could be for you.

There are two main companies in Barrow in Furness that deal with nuclear material, as scary as this may seem, both BAE Systems and Sellafield are big employers in the area. If you are an engineer looking for work in Cumbria, then looking at BAE or Sellafield jobs available would be a good idea.

You may wonder how did both of these companies earn permission from the government to handle nuclear material in a potentially dangerous engineering environment? Well, a certain governing body known as the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) thinks about this every single day.

There are a number of requirements a nuclear site must meet in order to be granted a licence to work with nuclear material; 36 requirements to be exact; all of which are determined, updated, maintained and inspected by the NII.

These requirements vary from correct warning signs and signals throughout the site, to the full inspection and a ‘mock run’ of a sites ability to deal with a nuclear incident. The Nuclear Safety team in these major engineering companies is charged daily with the maintenance of site conditions and the preparation of safety fall backs should an incident occur.

A typical Sellafield job could include dealing with nuclear fuel and waste on a daily basis and at BAE Systems, interaction with nuclear material ranges from reactors geared for sub-aquatic propulsion, to nuclear missiles on board the latest range of attack submarines.

Nuclear safety engineers play a key role in any nuclear site in ensuring that the licence conditions are adhered to on a daily basis. The licence calls for regular inspection, the provision of safety documentation for engineering works; the control of nuclear substances on site and the eventual disposal of any nuclear material. The nuclear engineers in the Furness area need to be at the top of their game in order to ensure the continued award of site licences’ for our major players.

You may be wondering why the conditions are so rigid and expansive; but consider for a moment the implications of a nuclear incident in the Furness area. These site licences exist to not only protect the public through ensuring precise and controlled engineering of nuclear material and equipment, but also promote the engineers of Furness to be the best.

Do you have the skills and engineering know how to join the teams at BAE or Sellafield? If so, there are a range of career paths available through BAE and Sellafield jobs. Sellafield employ civil engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, so if you fit one of these profiles, why not check out Sellafield jobs.

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